General Privacy Policy for Telkomsel Service (Effective Since October 1st, 2020)

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the policies for collecting, processing, analysing, storing, disclosing, correcting and deleting your personal data using Kuncie Services (“Services”)


Please note when you use the Service, there may be various links to other websites that are provided for your convenience. We in this case is not responsible for the management of personal information policies on these sites. This policy is only intended and applied to Our Services. We strongly recommend that you always look at and learn about the management of personal information policies on these sites before providing your personal information.

Information Data Collected

The Information Data collected in the operation of this Service is:

1. Personal data that you voluntarily provide when registering for Our subscription include your name, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, and address of domicile. You have the option to provide additional personal data to Us for personalised account needs.    In addition, the personal data that we collect also depends on the type of Service you access/register, or other data if you use third party’s services to register for the Service. If you use third party’s services to create an account, we will receive personal data from these third party’s services only if you have given your consent to the third party’s services to share your personal data with us.

2. search data for the information collected when you use the Service. Information relating to your data includes but are not limited to:    
(i) search data, search history (including recorded date and time);    
(ii) your interests or preferences collected from using the Service;    
(iii) photos, sounds, contacts, call lists or other interactions on the Service that are permitted by you to be accessed through the device that you own. We never scan or takes photos of albums or cameras in your device.

3. certain technical data, which include:    
(i) information on Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that you visit;    
(ii) cookie (when you visit our website, We will collect portions of data about you that are stored on the device, which allows us to know when you visit  our website in the future);    
(iii) advertising ID that used by us to provides advertising activity;    
(iv) log files (log data is only used in the aggregate form (overall) to analyse the use of Service owned by us);    
(v) IP address (We stores IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, or the location of your device on the Internet, for system administration and troubleshooting purposes. We use IP addresses as a whole (aggregate) to find out locations that access our`s services);
(vi) information on the type of device you are using, such as the device's unique ID, cellular network connection type, host, network and device performance, browser type, language, information that allows management of digital rights and operating systems;

4. Certain metadata obtained from using our products, including but not limited to:  
(i) technical processed data such as mobile positioning, telco score, location scoring, and advance profiling;    
(ii)your use of metadata activity (card activation, voice call), data usage, activation of Value-Added Services ("VAS"), charging paid deposits, paying bills, transferring paid deposit, purchasing content and packages, and profiling and segmentation;

5. data from supplier, business partners and/or other third parties/Partner that participate in the process of procurement of goods or services or enter into cooperation or arrangements with us, including:    
(i) data on Authentication Partner is the data obtained when you register or log in to use Our Services using third party’s credentials, We will collect your information from these third parties to help you create an account on Our Services as long as you have given your consent to the third party service.    
(ii) Payment Partner data is the data obtained if you choose to pay for a Service or feature with a bill, We may receive data from a payment partner so that We can send you bills, process your payment and provide what you buy to you.

In the event that there is additional Information Data that We will collect from you, We will request additional approval from you while maintaining the protection of your personal data.

Purpose of Data Collection and Processing

We, in collecting and processing the Information Data as referred to above, has the following purposes:

To communicate, follow the principle of Know Your Customer (KYC) and give you personalised use of the Service owned by Us.

To diagnose and solve problems related to difficulties in accessing Services (troubleshoot).

To provide Services, evaluate and develop Service features owned by us from time to time.

To data processing needs to generate your performance profile.

To hold sweepstakes, contests and give rewards as another form of loyalty to you.

To process and facilitate your payment.

To offer advertisements/promotions or offers from other collaborating parties.

To carry out the mandate of the laws and regulations.

To be able to be connected to, and stored at, ours data center as well as ours affiliated companies and/or other parties that are subject to a data storage agreement with us for a period of time and as required by applicable regulations.

Transfer and Disclosure of Information Data

Information Data collected by us can be disclosed to the government, or other authorised parties based on the law or cooperation agreements, in terms of:

Data Transfer and Disclosure of Information

Telkomsel is committed to collecting, processing, and storing your personal data with the best protection for as long as is necessary to provide this Service. Some of your personal data may also be managed, processed, and stored by third parties that collaborate with Telkomsel both within and outside the territory of Indonesia in order to maintain the performance of the Service while still complying with the obligations of access and effectiveness of supervision in accordance with the applicable law. Telkomsel will retain the Information Data as stated as long as you still use the Service and/or in accordance with the applicable laws.

under the applicable law or in response to legal proceedings, such as a search warrant, court order, or subpoena;

to protect the safety of us and affiliated companies, your safety or the safety of others or for the legitimate interests of any party in the context of national security, law enforcement, litigation, criminal investigation or to prevent epidemics, emergencies determined by the Government;

to investigate internal fraud or policy violations that can be accepted by us or affiliated companies;

if necessary, in connection with the legal proceedings submitted against us, officials, employees, affiliates, customers or vendors; or

to establish, implement, protect, maintain, and uphold our`s legal rights.

in the context of sharing data with our`s business partners where We in good faith will only give it in the aggregate form. In the event that we shares non-aggregate data, best efforts are required to protect your data such as masking, which is carried out after the signing of a confidentiality agreement, or additional approval by giving notice to you before your personal data is disclosed to business partners or become subject to different privacy policies, so as to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data.

in the case of cooperation with suppliers, vendors and service providers who work on behalf of us, with the aim of providing the Service, helping to protect and secure our`s systems and services.

to collaborate with our affiliates to improve your experience on this Service.

Data storage

We are committed to collecting, processing, and storing your personal data with the best protection for as long as is necessary to provide this Service. Some of your personal data may also be managed, processed and stored by third parties that collaborate with us both within and outside the territory of Indonesia in order to maintain the performance of the Service while still complying with the obligations of access and effectiveness of supervision in accordance with the applicable law. We will retain the Information Data as stated, as long as you still use the Service and/or in accordance with the applicable laws.

Correction of Personal Data

In the event that you find a mistake that is displayed about your Information Data due to inaccuracies or updating of your Information Data is required, then you can ask us to correct and or update your Information Data that is under Our's management, by contacting the communication channels available under this Privacy Policy.

Customers are encouraged to take an active role in ensuring that your data are accurate and updated from time to time.

Data Deletion and Destruction

In  accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, at your request, We can  delete (right to erasure) and/or destroy your Information Data from the  system (right to delisting) so that the data no longer identifies you,  except:

If  We needs to store the Information Data to fulfill legal, tax, audit and  accounting obligations, We will retain the required Information Data as long  as you use our services or according to the period required by the applicable  law; and/or

the personal data in your Information Data is still in a retention period based on the applicable laws and regulations; and /or

for the purpose of destroying Information Data from the system (right to delisting), a court decision is required from you hence We can destroy information or your Information Data that is irrelevant from the system.

Information Data Security

Your Information Data Confidentiality is the most important thing for us. We will use its best efforts to protect and secure your Information Data from access to collection, processing, analysing, storing, disclosing, correcting, and deleting by unauthorised parties. However, sending Data Information through the Service is not entirely secure. Although We will do its best to protect your Information Data, you acknowledge that We cannot guarantee the integrity, accuracy,  validity and recency of any Data Information that you send through the Service, or guarantee that the Information Data will not be intercepted, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed by unauthorised third parties, due to factors outside our`s control. In the event of illegal access and activities on the confidentiality of your Personal Information and beyond our's control, We will notify you at the first opportunity so that you can reduce the risk arising from that.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your data details, including your username, password, email, or OTP from anyone and must always maintain and be responsible for the security of the device you use.


This Privacy Policy may be changed and/or renewed from time to time. We recommend that you read carefully and check this page from time to time to find out any changes. By clicking approval at the bottom of this Privacy Policy, or if you continue to access and use this Service after notification of renewal from us, you are deemed to have agreed to changes to this Privacy Policy (if any).

Service Settings

You can choose not to receive marketing services, advertising, or other activities related to data processing by contacting us through the available contact details or other mechanisms prepared by each Service. Please note that if you choose to leave, We can still send you messages related to our services, including but not limited to receipts and SMS confirmation services.

Contact Us

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact our customer service on 188 (prepaid services are charged Rp.300 once connected to the customer service) or send an email to or access Telkomsel's virtual assistant at or you can come directly to the nearest GraPARI outlet.

You have read and understand Our`s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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