Senior Back End Engineer
About the team

About the role

We are a startup in mission to unlock human potential, empowering people to prosper doing what they love. We are looking for a Senior Back End Engineer role who is passionate in education technology. The role will build secure, reliable, and highly available backend services to power apps for our customers.

What you will do

Our Techstacks

  • GitLab for source repository
  • Flutter for Mobile Application
  • GraphQL for API Gateway in NodeJS and Apollo
  • Google Cloud Platform in Indonesia region with services BigQuery, Pubsub, GKE, Cloud SQL
  • Kubernetes for Backend
  • Golang and Typescript for Backend
What you will need
  • Minimum total 5 years experience in backend microservices development using Golang or Typescript
  • Strong passion for building secure, high quality, testable, reusable, and clean code.
  • Experience working in an agile environment.
  • Experience in designing GraphQL specification and GraphQL resource implementation.
  • Experience in designing gRPC specification and gRPC service and client implementation.
  • Experience in taking a leading role in building complex and asynchronous software systems in microservices and cloud architecture.
  • Experience in communication with stakeholders and other technical teams to collect requirements, product features, and technical designs.
  • Experience in containerized microservice architecture such as Kubernetes.
  • Experience in cloud computing technology such as GCP.
  • Experience in working with automated testing tools and continuous integration/continuous delivery.
  • Experience in mentoring junior software engineers to develop their skills.

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